Still waiting on line Traveling Circus Episode 4. Anticipation overload.

New Tom Wallisch.

Shred’ N Breakfast Christmas Special

Shred’ n Breakfast – Episode 3 from Shred’ n Breakfast on Vimeo.

Twenty Years of Danny Way Pro Skateboarding Career. Can’t get enough.
Danny Way


This Week’s Monday Video Homework

After a weekend of big swell and big dumps, its time to rest our riding legs and sit down for a cup of cider and some actions videos. This week I am still addicted to unreel sports and Line Traveling Circus and so should you.

The long awaited episode 3 of Traveling Cirsus is finally up. Thank you baby jesus.

LINE Traveling Circus Episode 3 – The Great Western Expansion from Line Skis on Vimeo.

Fuel Tv’s Unreel Sports. Crawbling.


FUEL TV | MySpace Video

Sammy Carlson was a regular run in of mine at the Hood River Safeway. He is not only a great grocery store chatter but an unreal freestyle skier. So let’s keep updated on the man about town.

Courtesy of
And lastly, for all you new school snowboarders let’s check in with Pat Milbery and the crew at So Gnar.


Because I was in Mammoth all weekend of course i have to feature a video from here that will get you stoked for the upcoming shred season featuring one of my favorite rider’s and Mammoth local, Danny Davis.

I think we are all pretty stoked for this one. Thanks home country and Elektro. Go out and buy this badboy.

A surf Film you should not miss. The Drifter.


Professional kiteboarder, Jason Slezak introduced me to this gem. Truly a sport to admire the tenacity.

Cross Country Snowboarding

A little online gaming with one of our favorite pros. Will ease the pain of Thanksgiving travel.
Travis Pastrana’s Super Mega Nitro Jump

The Shane McConkey IN DEEP SEGMENT. A truly intense action story that has affected us all.
…on this note also check out the documentary film STEEP for more on Shane.

No new Traveling Circus episode yet but I keep checking back.

By the way, if you are not watching these you are a foooo, and Mr. T pity’s that shit!


This Week’s Video Homework

The much anticipated episode 2 of the second season of Line ski’s Traveling Circus with Matt & Will is up!

The Trailer for the New Burton Film. Daaaaammnnnnn.

For all you snowboarders I recommend taking your laptop to the toilet area for viewing as this may cause uncontrollable bowel movements.

It’s Monday, which for the rest of the world sucks but for skater’s its the 5 trick fix! One trick for every business day that the employed work this week!




Snow Report 


Stoke of the past 



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