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USC ski/snowboard team president, Abe Kislevitz recently signed on with GoPro to film ski edits and has yet to disappoint with this second edit of Tom Wallisch at the Dew Tour in Breckenridge. GoPro seems to be ahead of the game with their hamster sized cameras in HD that can be tossed, juggled, and sent off anything you send while taking a great shot.

abekisAbe has made waves in ski film and editing, as an engineer by trade, designing the perfect ski pole mount to capture skier’s while hitting the kicker simultaneously. This week Abe has been working on a three camera pole mount as well as a mount that allows for 3D footage by taking the same footage from two angles on one pole mount.

Abe is a recent college graduate and is living in Mammoth this season filming the USC team as well as working for GoPro. He has the entire team stocked with GoPro cameras to keep their weekly edits going and is looking forward to more travels with the company (follow the  USC Ski link above to watch their edits).

Abe also designs for 4Frnt skis and plans on hitting the SIA conference in Denver next weekend. We can only hope GoPro will send him on a few missions while he is down there! He plans to hit the conference and then to the X-games with a few of the USC ski/snowboard team members before they hit the slopes in Vail. It should make for a great trip none the less but after this edit we look forward to more…in HD.

Stay tuned for more great edits to come.

Article by Jenna Hannon.


Interview and words by Jenna Hannon

This summer I bumped into one of the most inspiring young rider’s to hit the technical kiteboarding scene in the last few years, Jon Van Malsen at an outdoor bonfire and rail jam in Hood River, Oregon. Jon is one of the most encouraging riders to hit the Gorge this summer and it was a pleasure to even catch the same gust!

Fully set in wonderland, Jon is sponsored by North and takes his travels pretty lightly. For Jon Van Malsen, traveling the globe to throw down some a clean flat 3’s is child’s play and emerging from a smoke filled van to hit the water for a day of riding is ordinary procedure.

Just the other day Jon and I caught up and had a chat on Fbook. He sent me some new footage fresh from the seas of Brazil that encouraged some announcement. If this doesn’t make you jealous, stoked, or constipated you are clearly not watching close enough.  After watching several times I had to get the scoop from Jon about the riding in Brazil. So check out below a few words from the Cali boy who really didn’t need this elaborate introduction of greatness.

Jenna: We will start with the general. Gear? Board? Kite? Outlandish kiting kook accessories you might want to elaborate on?

Jon:, kooks might want to always wear a helmet and pads hah

Jenna: Your base trick or the automatic go to (the trick you do every sesh)?

Jon: I never pick a specific trick to focus on its always changing.

Jenna: How has your Brazil experiences positively affected your riding thus far?

Jon: It’s good warm and tons of wind

Jenna: Favorite spot to ride?

Jon: Sherman Island, The Gorge

Jenna: Who are the riding buddies?

Jon: Rienstra, and the rest of the cali crew represent…

Jenna: The next trick on your to-do-trick-list?

Jon: Flat rotations are the future

Jenna: How are you going to possibly return to civilization when returning from living the dream?

Jon: Hopefully it never Ends :)

Living the Dream ain’t so bad and there is no one I would rather watch doing it then Jon. Some inspiring words to vibe on for the week. Thanks Jon for the great video and Adrenaline Hot Tub looks forward to following your continual journey of pure kiting bliss.

by Jenna Hannon

The other day I was vegetabling and watching the Level One ski movie “Refresh” when my ex college ski team mate brought up the question we are all thinking about but too embarrassed to express, “when will they stop progressing?” A completely valid question which carries over to the inevitable question of “and when will I catch up?” There are many moments in action sports where it seems you are in constant battle (if not with yourself) to go bigger, spin faster, and flip more times than Pamela Anderson has boob jobs.

Although with this being said it is rare that we see true innovation that completely defies the routine direction of a sport. But following my shame in my mates question my eyes were opened by my fellow snowboard enthusiast, Rick Davey, to a snowboarder who is just that, truly innovative.

And the award goes to…… Pat Milbery in “Thanks Brian.” Pat has created a fusion of street skateboarding and the urban snowboard playground. What Chad Muska brought to skateboarding in Shorty’s “Fulfill the Dream” Pat is bringing to snowboarding. He has the eye to make everything ride-able, traditional rules excluded.

St. Paul Minnesota native, Pat has come a long way from Fargo. He currently resides in Denver Colorado for the winters and Windell’s on Mt. hood in the summer (I must have missed him during my one day Windell’s spurt). Anyway, there is really not much to say, the riding speaks for itself. Bombshell honors to this fellow blonde for his unique take on snowboarding and inspiration and innovation to the sport. Thanks Pat, keep rockin.

Warning: you may find yourself creatively overloaded in developing tricks of your own following viewing of this clip. Do not freak out. In case of emergency refer to your local Safeway clerk for stress management advice and financial stock recommendations.


This Week:

Philip Koster
Age: 15
Sport: Windsurfing
Home: Germany
Sponsors: Neil Pryde, Starboard, Flick, Vema, Maui Ultra

The Richmond Brothers

Age: Jesse 18, Sean 15
Sport: Kiteboarding (or rather what not)
Home: Maui
Sponsors: Dakine, Wainman (shawn), Cabrina (Jesse), Surf Tech, MyHuck, Powerbar, H2O Audio

We get older but the new pros stay the same age……

To Be Continued……




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