This time Mark Ding Glendinning brings me Ollie Bridge. Son of North kites international team rider and 3 time world champion, Steph Bridge, Ollie is being trained by the best! Ollie will be competing in the UK kite tour, already finishing 3rd in the 1st UK event.

Keep shredding Ollie, as the ladies love nothing more than a pro.

- Jenna

The Nxt Gen from SuperSaturated on Vimeo.


… that the shit they are doing is hard.

9 year old Tom Bridge was sent to me by kiteboard cinematographer at Super Saturated (.uk) Mark Ding Glendinning.

Tom Bridge – show reel – aged 9 from SuperSaturated on Vimeo.



Alexis Roland a.k.a Little Butter

Age: 9

Sport: Snowboarding

Home: Minnesota

Sponsors: Burton, First Track Productions, Snow At home, Cohesive Ventures



Trey Jones
Age: 15
Sport: BMX
Home: Florida, U.S.
Sponsors: Fit Bike, Nike 6.0, The Shadow Conspiracy

Austin Pastura
Age: 13
Sport: Wake
Home: Cincinnati, U.S.
Sponsors: unsponsored

Austin riding with his bro, Andrew.


This Week:

Philip Koster
Age: 15
Sport: Windsurfing
Home: Germany
Sponsors: Neil Pryde, Starboard, Flick, Vema, Maui Ultra

The Richmond Brothers

Age: Jesse 18, Sean 15
Sport: Kiteboarding (or rather what not)
Home: Maui
Sponsors: Dakine, Wainman (shawn), Cabrina (Jesse), Surf Tech, MyHuck, Powerbar, H2O Audio

We get older but the new pros stay the same age……

To Be Continued……




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