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I was recently featured in Locale Orange County Magazine for the Spring quarter’s action issue. I landed the cover and an 8 page spread where I got to play “many flavors of Jenna” (a quote I enjoyed regarding from my good friend Tim Jones). Here are the fun pics from the spread!

- jenna

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Facebook Ad Fail

This came up on the right side of my Facebook page in the ad section today. I know the ads are tailored, but come on- the slut implication is uncanny!
- Jenna


Flashback & Spotlight on Jamie Mosberg

Sometimes we forget that the people in front of the camera aren’t the only stars, especially in the filming of action sports. Filmmakers have to get down down and dirty with the best of them with follow cams, directing from the vert decks, and getting right there with the athletes while holding a camera rig. I commend you, camera team, directors, and all action filmmakers as your job is not easy. And on that note I want to commend Jamie Mosberg of Birdhouse’s ‘The End’. Jamie single handedly changed the way we watch action sports proving a whole new level of high level production in skateboarding. Jamie works with undeniable passion and we will never forget ‘The End’ in the history of action sport film.



Words taken from I Am Snowboarding (

Jamie Mosberg has been directing, filming and editing, movies, television, promotional videos and commercials for 15 years.  He made the transition from professional photographer  in the early 90s,  to starting a full service video production  co. High Voltage Productions which specialized in marketing films and movie production.

Mosberg is one of the most accomplished filmmakers in the action sports world, winning many awards over the years for his films. In 1999, Mosberg’s film “The End” for Tony Hawk has sold more copies then any film in action sports history, and won awards including Best Video by the Readers of TWS, Winner/ Best Film at the first X-Games Film Festival, Winner /Best Film at Gravity film festival, Winner/ Best Cinematographer,  Best Editor, and Best Director by Big Brother.

Other notable projects include the Whiskey series 1 and 2 which were voted the most entertaining videos  by Jeff Tremain of Big Brother and Jackass.

Mosberg has directed music videos for Daz Dillinger’s “U Aint Shit” a spoof on Suge Knight and Snoop Dog’s controversial song Pimp Slap.  He also produced,  filmed and edited the Dogg Pound/Gangsta Advisory DVD, “The Row Killa” featuring Daz Dillenger. which made the United Independent Artists top 20 list.

In 2005 he created, directed and produced national commercials and web videos  for Panasonic’s “Ideas for Life” campaign.  That year he filmed, edited and directed  a feature documentary with legendary skateboarder Bob Burnquist, ”The Reality of Bob Burnquist” which was nominated for 2 X-Dance awards in 2006 for Best Biography and Best Story.

In 2007, Mosberg went viral with short films for Schick, Harley-Davidson, and Yamaha and directed a music video for Charlie Brown Jr.  In 2008 Mosberg co-produced one episode of Viva La Bam for MTV and is currently an Associate Producer for a Buena Vista feature film in Brazil “Vida Sobre Rodas” due out in the spring of 2010.   He is currently putting the finishing touches on a 5 year project to launch Skateboard.TV, the first of a series of niche action sports websites built around video delivery.

Jamie is partnered with artist Jojo Whitmarsh.


Flash backwards. I am on the treadmill at my local gym two years ago when I lived in Amsterdam. I am happily running along when I see this commercial pop up on the screen in front of me. I don’t have my headphones in at this point so I am going through various puzzled expressions trying to figure out what this commercial is all about. Is it a perfume for down there? I think to myself.

As the commercial continues to play, I decide I need to know what this is all about. It is starting to get weirder and weirder. Upon adding sound to this product promotion, I quickly discover it is actually quite the opposite of what I originally thought. IT IS A COMMERCIAL FOR A PERFUME THAT SMELLS LIKE VAGINA. Only in Europe folks.

File this under ‘Creeper’ as this poor dude has never had a sex life since. He will forever be branded the panty smelling creeper. For some he has that male model rapist allure, but for most it is just plain perverted.

On another note, how do you possibly pin-point and bottle this scent? Are we talking pre- or post-work-out?




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