The world of action sports is making big moves online. The announcement of four new action sport channels on YouTube last week featuring Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk, and Shaun White, to name a few, promises our favorite athletes all the time. Even better, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Continuous streaming video platform Redux, makes it easy to flip through videos from all over the web by genre in playlists. Redux offers a whopping 50 action sport channels ranging from everything from watersports, BMX, Rad Collector, to skydiving and base jumping. Once you pick your ‘cup of tea’ you sit back and enjoy a custom curated list of vids. You can choose next at anytime and switch channels with a swift click. I have gotten lost on the Adrenaline channels for hours, it will suck you in.

Brand new product by let’s you follow your favorite action athletes Facebook feeds of videos. Us enthusiasts stick together so you can probably follow your friends as well to get the best in big wave, big air, and best trick.

To top it all off, our favorite athletes are getting more tech savvy. My Instagram feed is filled with travel stories of Steve Cab, Jossi Wells, and the GoPro film crew that captures the best in action sports. Facebook feeds are littered with edits and regular tweets by surf, skate, and snow’s fame keep us all up to date.

Awww, I love it when a good marriage works. We can only hope action sports and tech stay together for the kids.


If you have hung out with me in the past few months, you have undoubtably heard me talking about Nitro City Resort in Panama. From the Nitro Circus umbrella, Travis Pastrana and Red Bull North America’s, Hayes Wheeless bring you an action sports resort beyond our wildest dreams.

“Picture a resort on a peninsula that’s an hour away from everything, quiet, with good food and normal girlfriend or wife stuff to do,” Pastrana says. “But if you want to skydive or ride motocross or use the cable park, you can do that, too.”*

Kite, wake, motocross, surf, windsurf, resort massage, 5 star dinner, some r&r in your chosen action sport themed room, repeat. Just heavenly.


I originally heard about the resort from my partner in Blowme Clothing, who runs Sirlin Enterprises as he has done all the graphics for the resort, from the boat decals to the tees. Josh has already booked his stay for September and it is clear I should probably follow in his footsteps. According to Josh, “you drop your girlfriend off at the pool and go play!”

The resort is described by the website as being the ‘closest white, sandy beach to Panama City.’* Equipped with luxurious beachfront rooms, two restaurants and a bar, a waterfront pool with waterslide, a motocross track, an extreme water sports center and a cable park it is clearly a resort for both worlds. It is Club Med, for adrenaline addicts. When can we get our fix?

According to Hayes Wheeless’s Twitter (Red Bull America and co-founder of the resort), the resort is almost done construction and on the brink of being public ready. I can hear the excitement building just among the kiteboarding pro community as I cover the Rosham Throwdown this week in Hood River.

“Tell me when it is open and I will book my trip tomorrow,” Slingshot pro rider and South east rep for wake and kite, Matthew Sexton replies excitedly to hearing about the resort for the time yesterday. He turns to the line of pros beside him, “who is in?” I spread the word to Jason Slezak and Sam Bell of Real Kiteboarding (on Liquid Force and Naish pro team consecutively), ‘you in boys?’ Nothing but thumbs from the kiteboarding front lines.

As I peruse through the Nitro City Facebook I see nothing but upcoming events in all the action sport disciplines. Wake dayz, Kite-cross, and notably past: Travis Pastrama skydiving in to announce the upcoming opening ( My gosh, the excitement is so high I can barely type this. And the room rates, all very affordable:

Preparing to get my adrenaline fix in Panama City as we speak…


Tunes for this post: Benny Benassi


Lube your boots and step into the wake world.

The Red Bull media house leads the industry in action sports; so it is never a surprise that they have the cleanest, best shot footage in wake. I popped upon the Parks Bonifay ‘Double or Nothing’ 2010 competition edit while looking back through the vault in search for Park’s wave riding edit.

Clearly 7D shot, with some of the best angles in wake, we witness a double-up contest pushing the sport to a new ‘belligerently raised’ standard. We are talking double flips off double-ups. Shaun White isn’t the only flying piece of organic produce doing doubles; Parks is showing us that doubles aren’t just for pipe.

Send on boys. As we will be watching your edits to come… and when I find the wave edit as recommended by Red Bull’s Pat Stahl, I will shoot it your way too.



Picture 4

I have been following the boys from Shredtown for quite sometime, although it wasn’t until this morning that I stumbled upon their ‘About’ page where I discovered this philosophical treat in shredding. Enjoy, reflect, shed a tear, and go shred.

- Jenna

“Our lives are gifts dude. Being able to shred is a gift. Do you know what introduced you to the shred? I don’t even know, because I know I skate and wakeboarded for a while, not truly understanding what shredding really meant. I don’t think until recently like in the past couple years I really understood what shredding is. Shredding is a term that should not be taken lightly. I know it is thrown around like duuuude lets shred the gnar and shit like that. But shred, shredding and the shred have a deep true meaning. I believe it is a word understood by a select few, and the shred is the only way to describe this way of life. Try to imagine a life without shred, no skate, no wake, no snow, who would we be? What would we live for, what would we get pumped about? What would we think about? What would we try to do with our lives? Its nuts thinking about how much this shred thing has affected our lives, seriously dude, what would we be talking about without our love for shredding, trying to make a shit load of money? But to do what with? Buy a big house and a fast car? I just think that shredding puts a lot of things in perspective like some of the best things in life aren’t hard to obtain if you want it for the right reason, I just think its so badass that we know what fuels us and we know what truly makes us happy and we can live this life, its just a matter of choice, people could see us as bums or losers cause we’re not making a lot of money, which seems to be the most important thing in our society, I dunno dude, I guess what im trying to say is we’re really lucky to have this shred thing cause I feel like all the rest don’t have anything like that and don’t really know what to want other than a job that pays a lot no matter how shitty and time consuming the job is, it’s a trip to think about how we’re just humans living on planet earth and we do this thing we call shredding and we love it, we think it’s the most badass thing that exists, we think about it everyday, we want to do it every chance we get, it really is apart of us, we really do have something that very few have, a passion, something we love, something we pursue, we wont ever change, we are shredders for life, lets all be thankful for the shred in our lives and thank God that we have something that we really do love. This life is short, we will all die at some point, we all have awesome lives especially us shredders, lets live everyday we are able and never look back, we gotta stay true to what we love and not fall into any kind of bs, we have been given many gifts, we are blessed dude, we have a lot, be thankful and live well brotha, shred all you can cause it’s a gift, one life dude we have one life, only one, and we know what we wanna do with it, we’re gonna shred till we die, why would we do anything else!?
STD!! Shred Till Death!!!”





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