Released in 2002, Transworld’s ‘In Bloom’ was a reincarnation of the PBR era of skateboarding. It reached an audience in a yet another swoop of in and out skateboard mainstream noise. Not that ‘In Bloom’ was necessarily mainstream but rather a dirty take on skating at that moment that seemed to ooze through the cracks of conventional skating at the time.

The video features the talent’s of Evan Hernandez, PRod, Mikey Taylor, Alex “Trainwreck” Gall, Tony T, and a man I liek a little too much, Chris Cole (who skates to the Misfits aw yes). Flair, fireworks, and guns blazin’ this video promises all thrashin and bashin.

Tony T’s part was enough to spark skater of the year for 2002 and one of the badest pro model Van’s since the Half cabs. So bad he made TNT 2′s not long after (great kicks). May I recommend this version

Enough talk. If your stoked watch the whole video. There’s always MTV’s Jersey Shore.


The Search For Animal Chin

Before Birdhouse’s “The End,”before there were as many 411 videos as “Land Before Time,” before Shorty’s “Fulfill the Dream” and Toy Machine’s “Welcome to Hell” there was Animal Chin. Powell-Peralta and the Bones Brigade’s “The Search for Animal Chin” is arguably the best skate video ever made, but, the MOST definitely, the most influential in the skate video revolution and the popularization of skateboarding as a more mainstream sport.

Released in 1987, “The Search for Animal Chin” was the 4th of the Bones Brigade installments under Stacy Peralta. Now if you do not know who Stacy Peralta is I can not do your much needed homework but I will tell you this….Zephyr team rider turned one half of Powell-Peralta (George Powell), creator of the Bones Brigade and director of almost every popular skateboard film ever known by the mainstream.

The Bones Brigade was composed of 5 key original riders, Tony Hawk, Tommy Guerrero, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, and Lance Mountain. The team was a vert focused and unique brand in skateboarding that represented skaters everywhere and made films to show it. They started with “Skateboarding in the Eighties” but it wasn’t until “The Bones Brigade Video Show” that Dorthy was truly released into the Tornado for accurate readings by Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. Anyway, after that came “Future Primitive” in 1985 (also epic) and then to Animal Chin. Animal Chin really captured the essence of each rider’s personality. All of us teen boppers fell in love with Mike McGill, while laughing at Lance Mounatin’s goofy antics. Tony Hawk was a complete goob and Steve Cab will always be so damn cool. Tommy Guerrero was the awkward boy that all the perverts watching were always amused by. It was just great. Great vert riding at it’s 80s best and a concept that no skate film had really thought of….a completely unrelated plot about finding an old asian man who is the wisest of all skaters. The boys embarked on an epic journey of skating everything on the way there with there 80s antics and it showed the many sides of skateboarding while keeping the audience thoroughly entertained.

The film still holds it’s own and the desert scene (below) is still a much talked about moment in skateboarding. God I love this movie and I am so nostalgic about it. I will sit down with a bowl of Trix in my sk8 hi’s any day to enjoy the search. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t care if you don’t skateboard, watch it. And if you have seen it and enjoyed it as much as I did, don’t forget to ROCKET AIR, METHOD AIR, AND COMB YOUR HAIR.



by Jenna Hannon

A Moment to Reflect on Skate Nostalgia

Just like NIN The Downward Spiral, or Slayer Reign In Blood, or Nirvana Nevermind, moments that completely change the way you live your life can never be forgotten which brings me to John Cardiel’s part in Transworld’s Sight Unseen (2000). Not only did Sizzla’s “Haunted and Nervous” become a regular on my snowboard playlist but Cardiel’s interpretation of the skateboard scene at the time is uncanny. No rider can match Cardiel’s unique blend of the retro, the vert, and the just plain rippin’ style.
The moment my brother saw this clip was the moment he knew that skating was his calling. He has never worn a pair of shoes that are not Van’s Cardiels while skating since. I sat down with Jarett over a tall boy of Hamm’s to reflect on Cardiel’s three minute part in Sight Unseen and just how apocalyptic it was for vert skaters globally.

Hot blonde sister: If you could describe this three minutes in one word……

Jarett: Gnarly, because I’m sure that’s how Cards would put it.

Hot blonde sister: Take us back through your first glimpse…….

Jarett: After the first trick I spaced out thinking about that front smith over the love seat at Jacksonville. Then I watched his part immediately again and realized how insane every trick in his part was.

Hot blonde sister: SAT style. Getting your foot into wakeboard bindings is to lubricant as John Cardiel is to skateboarding in that…….

Jarett: Blood Stains on Carpet? Wait, you want a sexual reference? Oh, I think that works then.

Hot blonde sister: I think we can accept that. Other moments that defined vert skateboarding to think of…….

Jarett: In terms of Cardiel, it would be him snaking Danny Way as he learned padless 540’s during a vert competition.

Hot blonde sister: I’m sure Danny Way wasn’t overly outraged, there is not better cat out there to get snaked by. Tell us, a reflection of greatness………

Jarett: That annoying “God is Great” song that was popular in the 90’s.

Hot blonde sister: I’m not sure if that is relevant to this reflection per say but greatness no doubt. I mean have you really sat back and truly thought about “what if god were one of us?” Moving on for the wrap up, a brief history and bio of John Cardiel in the eyes of Jarett Hannon……

Jarett: The list of tricks that you watch over and over again and can’t get over how fuckin crazy it is tells the story of Cardiel. For me it’s the Sunset drop, union square rail fifty fifty, backside 360 at Marseille, frontside air into the burnside bowl, backside 360 over the brookings gap and every backflip attempt!

Hot Blonde Sister: Well put bro.

Thanks kiddies for reading this week’s edition of Extreme Nostalgia. Hope it keeps the enthusiastic daze til next week when we get another bowl of Count Chocula nostalgia to read and keep us young.



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